Tuesday, July 30 2019

Saltmarsh Morning Glory

The Saltmarsh Morning Glory is a solitary and funnel-shaped with five fused pink -to-purplish petals and a darker throat. Five greenish sepals cup the flower at its base. Sepals and stems are glabrous. Leaves are sagittate with long petioles. They are alternately arranged. Seeds are borne in globose capsules. Tendrils and underground rhizomes give the vine its vigorous mobility.

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Monday, July 22 2019

Purple Gallinule

The Purple Gallinule is a striking bird, it's big, brightly colored, and noisy. They have strong legs and long toes allowing it to run on open walk on floating lily pads, and clamber through marshes and waterside trees. They nods their head as they swim and fly short distances with its legs dangling below it.

Purple Gallinule.jpg

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