Sunday, August 4 2019

Urban Surprises

As should be obvious by now, I like to head to the Everglades & Big Cypress National Preserve to explore, learn about the area where I live and take photos. It's become an enjoyable pastime and Ive become fairly familiar with the area and stops along the way that I'll detail in future posts. Being the rainy season which, in this part of Florida, means torrential downpours, sunshine, torrential downpours, sunshine, and more torrential downpours then sunshine which is a time when it's easy to get surprised and soaked with little notice. With that in mind I decided to do a bit of urban photos since I had caught a glimpse of a bird I didn't expect to see so close to high-density living.

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Wednesday, July 17 2019


Historically, the limpkin was nearly hunted to extinction in Florida due to overhunting. New laws and conservation efforts prevented this from happening and the population recovered. There are still major threats to the limpkin population that include the decline of their primary prey, apple snails. Due to habitat destruction and wetland drainage, heavy accumulations of non-native vegetation (mainly hyacinths and cattails) in foraging areas prevents the limpkin from being able to locate food. Other threats include pollution and an overabundance of nutrition in wetlands.


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