Sunday, August 4 2019

Black Vulture

Black vultures are plentiful in South Florida and are primarily scavengers that spend hours soaring at heights. They mostly glide only flapping their wings there is need for it. They are said to be highly aggressive and are often chase away intruders. In order to find food they fly as low to the ground as possible to pick out the scent in the air. Their sense of sight is very good but their sense of smell is poorer than Turkey Vultures.

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Saturday, August 3 2019

Turkey Vulture

Vultures are very common in the Everglade areas and the Black Vulture is more common than the Turkey Vulture pictured here. Most birds don't have a well-developed sense of smell which is a trait of the Turkey Vulture. They seek carrion by soaring over open or partly wooded country, watching the ground and locating carrion by odor. Turkey Vultures are more timid than Black Vultures so they follow and watch the Turkey Vulture as it searches for carrion then will take the food for themselves leaving the Turkey Vulture to wait until it's had its fill.

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