Blowing Rocks Preserve is located in Hobe Sound on narrow Jupiter Island, a barrier island between the Indian River Lagoon and the ocean. Stretching more than a mile along Jupiter Island, a limestone terrace meets the water and gives the area its name when water shoots into the air from holes in the Anastasia limestone. The best time to see the blowing water is in winter with high tide and rough waters.

We haven't seen the water spouts yet but will try to visit the area when we can plan accordingly rather than just stop after seeing signs as we did this visit. The name is one associated with excellent shelling and lettered olive shells more specifically. My wife was delighted with the easy picking of her favorite shell while there.

In 1969 Blowing Rocks Preserve was donated to The Nature Conservancy by the residents of Jupiter Island protecting 73 acres of sensitive estuarine habitats, mangroves, tropical and oak hammocks, and the beach dunes.

After five decades of protecting Florida’s great places, The Nature Conservancy considers Blowing Rocks Preserve one of their proudest achievements. This peaceful, barrier island sanctuary is a well-known model for large-scale, native coastal habitat restoration.

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