As should be obvious by now, I like to head to the Everglades & Big Cypress National Preserve to explore, learn about the area where I live and take photos. It's become an enjoyable pastime and Ive become fairly familiar with the area and stops along the way that I'll detail in future posts. Being the rainy season which, in this part of Florida, means torrential downpours, sunshine, torrential downpours, sunshine, and more torrential downpours then sunshine which is a time when it's easy to get surprised and soaked with little notice. With that in mind I decided to do a bit of urban photos since I had caught a glimpse of a bird I didn't expect to see so close to high-density living.

I was happy to find what I had caught a glimpse of in the same area I had previously seen it, a Limpkin. Maybe it's my lack of knowledge but having only seen one at a refuge I understood them to fairly rare to see.

At the same intersection I also noticed a Green Heron which I know of as rather secretive. Secretive is not what I'd call this heron because it was about a foot off the road on a freshly mowed lawn at a small pond, just the other side of the road.

I just rolled down my window, stuck the camera out and snapped a few pictures.

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