Green Herons are a solitary and secretive bird that's stocky, dark colored, and small for a heron. The adult Green Heron has a dark rufous neck, gray belly, and dark, iridescent, greenish-blue back. The upper mandible of the bill is dark, and the legs are bright orange. The juvenile has a brown-and-white streaked neck, slight crest on its dark head, and prominently light-tipped wing coverts. Yellow spectacle-shaped markings surround the eye and extend to the bridge of the bill. These markings are present, but less pronounced, in the adult.

Green Herons forages by standing still or stalking very slowly at edge of shallow water, waiting for prey to approach. Sometimes uses "bait," dropping feather or small twig on surface of water to lure fish within striking distance. It's among the more difficult to photograph as it appears to prefer the stalking in brush by the waters edge.

The description above includes 'dark, iridescent, greenish-blue back' which explains my confusion regarding the other Green Heron post of earlier photos.

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