This is by far one of my favorite photos and was captured when I was trying to get a shot of a raccoon that was wading in shallow water. Out of the corner of my eye I saw something appear and disappear very quickly. Turning my attention to this activity I saw an otter pop its head out of the water, look at me and go back under the water. A moment later it popped up a few feet away repeating this behavior only to appear again in another spot. It became apparent there was more than one otter so I trained my camera where one had been, sure enough it popped up again, allowing me to capture this picture.

River Otters have a long muscular tail, short stout legs and thick oiled fur, small rounded ears and nostrils that close when underwater. They are slender, long-bodied mammals with broad flattened head and stiff whiskers around the nose and snout. The sensitive tactile hairs are used for locating prey underwater.

River Otters weigh between 11 and 31 lbs with males being larger than females. They forage alone or in pairs and are active during both the day and at night as they hunt in rivers, streams, and ponds for fish, crayfish and turtles.

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