I think that most of us find seeing a Bald Eagle in the wild as a pretty fantastic event. It's not often that I see one so when a friend sent me an iPhone picture of one I was pretty motivated to see if I could fine one too. I used the GPS coordinates from her photo to find the same location.

As you can see I was successful and a bit amused when I saw a nearby sign designating the area as the Marco Island Bald Eagle Preserve. Obviously I need to do a bit more research when searching for a specific bird in the area. Florida's bald eagles are considered part of the southern subspecies which nests in Mexico, the southern Atlantic states, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, Arizona and southern California. Southern bald eagles tend to be smaller than the northern subspecies, and they nest in winter instead of spring.

Florida's bald eagles nest at a time contrary to that in other parts of the country. Elsewhere, bald eagles nest in the spring and summer when food is at its most abundant. Florida eagles, on the other hand, nest in winter when prey is plentiful throughout the peninsula. For instance, in the dry winter season, fish are more concentrated when ponds shrink or dry up.

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