The Coral Castle in Homestead is a unique tourist spot that probably has more fiction surrounding it that fact. Did Edward Leedskalnin know some secret way to move these massive stones? Was it anti-gravity, aliens, levitation using psychic powers, singing to the stones or arcane knowledge of magnetism and so-called "earth energies."

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There have been numerous books, movies and articles about this coral castle "investigating" how one man could single-handedly build such an amazing place said to be built in devotion to his 16 year old love, Agnes Skuvst who left him standing at the altar. There's no doubt that Edward Leedskalnin had skills but I can't attribute them to supernatural powers that make it an interesting tale. There's no doubt he was a talented stone mason and understood leverage and block and pulley use but that takes away the "mystery" surrounding his coral creation.

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Having visited this site a number of years apart I have to be honest and say it was much better in the earlier visit. Now it's trying too hard in my opinion. There's a gift store you enter and exit through, videos on large screen tv's with comfortable, shaded seating and guides who nearly pounce on you when you get inside. As far as the name is concerned it's important to note that it's not built with coral, it's really oolite, also known as oolitic limestone.

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Even a skeptic should enjoy the castle as we did, not just once but twice because it's a fascinating look into one man's eccentricities. The Coral Castle states, its a wonder of what the inspiration was, that could cause a man to spend 28 years to carve a Coral Castle from the ground up using nothing but home made tools. I believe it was just sheer, raw human determination but that's no fun, is it?

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