Burrowing Owls are fascinating to me because they’re the easiest owls to see. They live in open, treeless areas with low, sparse vegetation, usually on gently sloping terrain. The owls can be found in grasslands, deserts, and steppe environments; on golf courses, pastures, agricultural fields, airport medians, and road embankments; in cemeteries and urban vacant lots.

Burrowing Owl.jpg

They hunt day and night usually staying close to the ground, they fly, hover, walk, or run, seizing prey in their talons. When not hunting for food they sleep on dirt mounds at their burrow entrances.

They are mostly monogamous and breed close together in loose colonies. Females stay in or near the nest burrow until chicks fledge, while males tend to stand guard at a nearby burrow or perch. Males defend their territories against other males by vocalizing, displaying in a weaving crouch with feathers fluffed, or chasing and attacking with outstretched talons.

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