Though it has been damaged over the 20th century by fire and numerous hurricanes, it was reconstructed and remains a symbol of the town’s resilience, history and beauty. This photo was taken on a stormy day when, as I suspected, there wouldn't be anybody at the pier which is typically quite busy. As you can see the passing storm churned up the otherwise calm waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

Naples Pier.jpg

The Naples Pier was built in 1888 as a dock for receiving goods and passengers and stands as a community landmark. Narrow gauge train rails spanning the length of the pier once transported freight and baggage starting back in the early 1900's. Part of the structure as well as the post office located on the pier was razed by fire in 1922. The pier has ben rebuilt after damage by hurricanes in 1910, 1926 and 1960, and 2017 it remains a public symbol of the area's history. The lengthy wooden dock extends out into the Gulf of Mexico and is a favorite destination for tourists, fishing, sunbathing or to watch a the sun set.

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