I had never heard of 'air plants' before moving to Southwest Florida in 2018 and seeing some small plants that were unfamiliar. As a person who had gardens whenever I had space I thought I was pretty familiar with a wide variety of plants so I became enthralled with these plants that don't need soil.

Tillandsia Flower.jpg

The name ‘air plant’ is the common name for Tillandsias, a type of Bromeliad, because they don’t need to be planted in soil. Air plants are epiphytic, meaning they absorb moisture and nutrients through their leaves, while the roots are used primarily to provide support for the plant. Tillandsias colonize objects such as rocks and trees by clinging onto them with their roots.

Air Plants.jpg

After becoming more familiar with these wonderful plants I started seeing them everywhere and in greater varieties. As the photo shows, there are places where they grow better than others. In this case, the Everglades adding to my attraction to the appeal of this natural region of tropical wetlands that I'm fortunate enough to live close enough to visit at any time.

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