Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary

Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary occupies approximately 13,000 acres in the heart of the Corkscrew Watershed in Southwest Florida, part of the Western Everglades. It is primarily composed of wetlands including the largest remaining virgin bald cypress forest in the world, which is the site of the largest nesting colony of Federally Endangered Wood Storks in the nation.


In addition to the Wood Stork, Corkscrew provides important habitat for numerous other Federal and State listed species, including the Florida Panther, American Alligator, Gopher Tortoise, Florida Sandhill Crane, Limpkin, Roseate Spoonbill, Snowy Egret, Tricolored Heron, White Ibis, Big Cypress Fox Squirrel and the Florida Black Bear. Several rare plants are also found here, most notably the Ghost Orchid.

Corkscrew provides an important connection for wildlife and water to coastal habitat in the Estero Bay Aquatic Preserve and Delnor-Wiggins State Park via the Estero, Imperial and Cocohatchee rivers. It also provides connectivity to important habitat in southeast Lee County as well as the Florida Panther National Wildlife Refuge and the Big Cypress National Preserve to the south via Camp Keais Strand.

Corkscrew is in a strategically important location, and the quality of the natural resources here provides excellent habitat for wildlife. The wetlands recharge the local aquifers, rivers and estuaries, providing the right conditions for fishing and coastal recreation as well as clean drinking water and water for agricultural productivity.

A variety of battles over birds, lumber, water and land spanning more than a century has transformed Southwest Florida. Much of the area bears little resemblance to its native roots, yet Corkscrew remains a vibrant wet wilderness.

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