My photo shows a Limpkin carrying a snail to the shore to open and eat. Limpkins are found in open fresh water marshes, along the shores of ponds and lakes and in wooded swamps along rivers and near springs. Throughout most of its tropical range its habitat and distribution are dictated by the presence of Apple Snails. In Florida, they also eat other kinds of snails and mussels as well as insects, crustaceans, worms, frogs, and lizards.

The Limpkin is another bird that had been nearly hunted to extinction in Florida and has also made a respectable comeback. Interestingly, it has no close relatives unlike species such as egrets and herons that have many. It's found in the tropics but is only found in Florida and southern Georgia where it can find Apple Snails. They are said to live a solitary existence in marshes and swamps so I was surprised to find a number of them are regulars at a pond near my condo. They tend to go unnoticed among other birds but will certainly draw attention with banshee-like wails that are often heard at dawn or at night.

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