Corkscrew swamp sanctuary is a 14,000 acre wildlife sanctuary located near Naples, Florida , Founded in 1954 it contains the largest remaining Bald Cvpress Forest in North America

The Corkscrew Cypress Rookery Association was formed in 1954 to protect the area. The National Audubon Society accepted responsibility for management and started constructing the first boardwalk through the swamp in 1955. In all, nearly 17 squar miles of wetland was purchased or donated, most of it from or by the owners, Lee Tidewater Cypress Center Co. and Collier Enterprises.

A 2.25 mile boardwalk snakes its way through five habitats and is open to the public all year except during severe weather. There is a shorter 1-Mile boardwalk available for those not wanting to walk the full boardwalk.

The sanctuary is a gateway site for the Great Florida Birding Trail and is an important breeding area for the endangered wood stork and other wetland birds. It has wintering perching birds including the painted bunting. Numerous wading bird species can be found in the wetlands of the sanctuary, including the yellow-crowned night heron, black-crowned night heron, tricolored heron, great egret, and snowy egret. Specialist birds include limpkin, barred owl and, in summer, swallow-tailed kite.

Additional inhabitants of the sanctuary include alligators, otters, raccoons, cottonmouth snakes, and more.

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