At any time you can select a category on the top of each page or the right sidebar. I provide brief details about some photos that I think may be helpful for those wanting to know a bit about some of the photos in my gallery.

My photos aren't presented as great photography as I'm an amateur that took it up as a hobby after moving to Southwest Florida from Colorado. Much of my time in Colorado was spent exploring the mountain roads typically built to reach mines high in the Rocky Mountains and surrounding areas. My wife and I moved to Florida after I had trouble with the altitude and cold air that exacerbated my problems breathing properly. Moving to sea level helped immensely but Florida is also the flattest state in the country so we left that episode in our lives behind and I took up photography as an alternative.

The other reason for this section, and this website in general, is that I've been building websites for other folks since the days where pages were gray with black text and the cutting edge was adding a logo. I haven't kept current on all the changes but I think this site works well on all devices which is necessary now that people use desktop computers, tablets and phones.

It didn't take long for me to start exploring South Florida and particularly the Everglades which I find fascinating in all aspects especially the wildlife that's so unlike anything I'd experienced where I has lived in the past. It's hard not to pick up a camera and get pictures of the reptiles, birds and scenery.

I know most folks are reluctant to be the first to leave a comment but since my website appeals to a small niche it's not only surprising you found it but even more surprising you'd leave a comment.

With that in mind I'm making a comment myself to show what it would like if you were to post.

Nobody likes to visit a website only to find they have to wait while it loads. That's okay because I'm one of those people myself and typically click away from any site that's slow as most of us are. With that in mind I've worked to keep this website fast and believe I succeeded as Google shows on their PageSpeed Insights page. I suppose I could do a bit more to make it better but I can't see any reason to do so.

As you see here my site's speed on desktop is almost as good as it gets.

Mobile speed is a bit slower but still very respectable in my mind.

Now that the majority of people are using devices other than, or also, a desktop computer it's important for all websites to be viewable on all device. Personally I use a laptop, tablet and phone so I'm familiar with websites that are worthless on smaller devices. Again I used a Google service called Mobile-Friendly Test to evaluate my site and the results are fine.