Naples, Florida known as the golf capital of america, a town with a whole lot of multi-million dollar homes and boats and exquisite fine dining is also home of the Swamp Buggy Races which counter that image which really only applies to a small part of the people living here.

The Swamp Buggy Races are held every January March and November at the Florida Sports Park and is anything but elegant with the famous Mile O' Mud track and the swamp buggies racing around the figure-eight track filled with water ranging from 18 inches deep to much deeper in the dreaded sippi holes.

The Mile O' Mud was designed to mimic the terrain of Florida's Everglades that Swamp Buggies were originally for. They have changed and have multiple classes from standard Jeeps with snorkels that get close to totally submerged to pro class with racing engines skimming the surface.

The Swamp Buggy Queen dressed in a formal dress and wearing her crown gets a traditional dunk in the track as the traditional end to a day of racing.

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