Knight Anoles are the largest of the Anoles found in Florida growing to about 13" to 19" in length and have a large and bony head which gives the it a profile reminiscent of the knight in chess, giving it the name. Their bright green color can change to a light brown with yellow markings depending on their mood, temperature, or other types of stimuli.

Knight Anoles have special adhesive on their five clawed toes that allow them to stick to surfaces making it easier for them to run and they typically have two yellowish stripes below each eye and over each shoulder. Knight anoles are active during the day rarely leaving the trees they live in. They will eat almost anything smaller than themselves such as insects and spiders, other lizards, tree frogs, nestling birds and small mammals.

While they don't have large teeth, their teeth are sharp and their jaw muscles are strong and can inflict a painful bite if handled and aggravated so it's best to leave these lizards alone. If you do get bitten simply put them down ad they'll release their hold.

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