The Brown Anole (Bahaman anole, De la Sagra's Anole) is normally a light brown color with darker brown to black markings on its back, and several tan to light color lines on its sides. Like other anoles, it can change color, in this case a darker brown to black. Its dewlap ranges from yellow to orange-red.

The Brown Anole is a lizard native to Cuba and the Bahamas that has been widely introduced elsewhere by being sold as a pet and is now found in Florida and as far north in the United States as southern Georgia, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Hawaii, and Southern California.

This species is highly invasive but it's undetermined if they are harmful to other anoles. It does reach high population densities and is capable of expanding its range very quickly. It's said to outcompete and consume many species of native lizards. It appears as though it has altered the behavior and negatively effected the native green anole forcing them to move to higher ground.

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